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Spiced Apple Ancient Grain Waffles

Spiced Apple Ancient Grain Waffles

While I usually tend to bake grain-free, or at least gluten-free, when I do use wheat, I like to use an ancient grain called einkorn flour. It has such a delicious flavor, and is made from real whole grain wheat — no hybrid or GMO model here — so it much more digestible. It’s also amazing to bake with! 

Now, to these waffles. I love waffles. They are so, so easy to make, you can literally add in anything you want, and can even sub the einkorn flour for almond meal or oat flour — though definitely give einkorn a try, if you’re not celiac of course! 

Other things to note: if you don’t have any sweet potato, you could sub this for applesauce (make your own!) or pumpkin puree (or even just leave it out and add a little more coconut oil or ghee, NBD).


Ancient Grain Einkorn Waffles

[Makes 4 regular size waffles, or 6-8 mini ones!]

• 1.5 cups Einkorn Flour

• 1/3 cup Flaxseed Meal

• 1 cup Nut Milk (or Seed milk**)

• 1/2 Medium Sweet Potato (steamed and puree’d)

• 1/2 tsp Baking soda

• 2 tbsp Coconut Oil or Grass-fed Ghee

• 1-2 tbsp Maple syrup (optional)

• Pinch Salt

spiced apple superfood Compote

• 1 chopped organic Apple

• 1.5 cups boiling water

• 2 pitted Medjool Dates

• 1 slice Lemon and zest

• 1 tsp Cinnamon

• 1/2 tsp Cardamon

• 1 tsp Maqui Berry powder

• 1 tbsp Chia Seeds


1. For the waffle batter: steam the sweet potato (cut it into chunks first to make it faster) 2. Place all the dry ingredients into a large mixing bowl— and mix mix mix. 3. Using a food processor or blender— place the sweet potato, melted coconut oil, maple

syrup and nut/oat milk (or if going with seed milk**— simply add 2 tbsp pumpkin seeds and 1 cup of water in place of nut milk) and blend on high speed for 30 seconds. 4. Pour the sweet potato mix into the large mixing bowl of dry ingredients— and mix it all up!

(if it feels too liquidly, add a dash more flour) 5. Add to your waffle iron — (or a greased muffin tin— this works too) 6. Meanwhile — Make the compote by adding all the ingredients except the chia seeds and Maqui berry to a small saucepan on high heat for 5 minutes— then turn down the heat to simmer for an additional 15 minutes. 7. Then you have two options:

1. Chunky Compote: Pour the pan into a bowl and mix ingredients using a fork to

combine — adding in the maqui berry and chia seeds last — to avoid everything sticking together, keep mixing with your fork until any clumps are all gone!

2. Smooth Compote: (I went with this option!) Simply add all the ingredients (except the

chia seeds) to your blender or food processor and mix on high for 10 seconds. Then using a spoon, mix in the chia seeds. Viola!

Dollop onto your waffles and add in any garnishes: edible flowers, cacao nibs, coconut, lemon zest, maple syrup (yum!)— You do you! Xo

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