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Winter Nourishment Soup

Winter Nourishment Soup

Hello and Happy 2019! With winter still here— and perhaps the worse of the cold still ahead of us — it’s the perfect time for self care and nourishment. This soup, or rather stew, is made with all in season veggies — and can really be tweaked to fit with whatever your pantry has in stock! The best part — it’s easy to make and tastes delicious too!

Winter Nourishment Soup (warming veggies, lots of greens, healthy fats (vegan | Paleo options) — makes 6 full servings

• 1 large organic sweet potato (roughly chopped is fine)!

• 1 organic leek

• 2 cups dark organic leafy greens (I went 50/50 chopped kale and collard greens —stalks and all)

• 1 clove crushed garlic

• 8 cups boiling water (if you prefer it more liquid than stew— make it 10 cups!)

• 1 tbsp coconut oil (or ghee)

• 3/4 cup organic green lentils (sub: chopped up cauliflower if paleo)

• 1/3 cup chopped celery (optional — YUM)

• 1 tbsp Black Seed Cumin powder

• Spices: 1 tsp each coriander, paprika, sage

• 1/2-1 tsp Himalayan Salt (optional!)

• 1 piece of Kombu (optional nutrient boost)!

• Pinch of cracked pepper (to season when done)!

Steps: 1. Add the coconut oil to a pan on high heat, then add in the following:

1. All the spices 2. Crushed garlic 3. Chopped leek 2. Brown the spices and leek, then add a dash (around 2-3 tbsp) of boiling water to prevent everything from burning. 3. Add in the sweet potato and sauté for around 10 minutes on lower heat. 4. Add all the remaining water, along with lentils , celery and kombu— and cook for 15 minutes 5. Once the lentils are done, add in the chopped greens and simmer for an additional 5 minutes. 6. Taste test to make sure it’s seasoned to your liking — if not, you can add a little extra spices here —good options: cracked pepper, additional salt, paprika, squeeze of lime, grass-fed ghee.

Garnish: Fresh herbs and micro-greens!


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