I am a huge fan of Ksenia, both as a friend and also as an inspiring entrepreneur in the wellness and digital space! Her latest program about the new paradigm in social media marketing, is all about being conscious in your inner-world and your external world (and oh-so-much-more!): game changing!


Hilary is the best! If you’re feeling in a rut or need to clear space so you can get real clarity in your life, this is truly for you. In this course you will learn the tools to get organized, increase productivity and most importantly, get clear on what needs to get done so you can create space in your life for what lights you up.


TO BE MAGNETIC — BY LACY PHILLIPS, offers an amazing (and deep AF) manifestation course membership (or solo courses) called The Pathway (I’m working my way through the courses now). If you’re looking to do some deep soul work, and tap into your magnetic self for abundance, personal power, money or even LOVE — without a vision board or anything too woo-woo— this work might be for you.