Hi, I’m Paige!

I started Citrine Kitchen under several different aliases over the years, but ultimately kept returning to the personal power of Citrine. After a series of travels, pauses, and trial runs, I am here to share my passion for food on my lifelong, modern-day journey toward abundance.

For John and I - my partner in life and business - the path toward whole body health was triggered by food addiction and abuse. Prior to meeting, we both struggled with low self-worth and restrictive or over eating, all of which led to a lack of physical and mental balance.

John discovered inspiration and personal healing through his studies of food and nutrition during culinary school. I began healing by being kinder to myself, cooking regularly, concocting mega green smoothies, and listening to my body (and heart) as much as possible (you could call this “heart-based eating”).
Although we still work with our own food triggers, we are now able to witness and accept both the light and the dark in all components of life. We have learned to nourish ourselves and others through the meditative practice of cooking and baking, which helps us to cultivate a sense of immense inner joy and fulfillment.

Our hope at Citrine Kitchen is to create a space to share simple, nurturing, plant-based recipes with our community; to inspire a playful intuitiveness in the kitchen with us as your guides.

The kitchen can be a magically fun and healing place - we are so excited and honored to share our discoveries with you.

XO, Paige

Photo above: Our wedding day in Joshua Tree, California, 2018. I spent the morning churning coconut butter from scratch to frost the paleo chocolate caramel cake I baked. I cried a lot, but looking back on this ridiculous scenario we laugh. Isn’t life (and cake) so sweet?

paleo donuts