I started my professional journey into wellness in 2013 (my personal journey however, goes back to my teen years and a long struggle with self love + care) after 4 years of hustle in the independent film industry in NYC. I woke up feeling empty in every sense of the word. My body was tired, my mind felt foggy and my core happiness felt really deflated. This was the first step towards wellness. Don’t get me wrong, I had always had a passion for wellness, for eating well, for cooking, and for sustainably — yet somehow along the ups and downs of my 20s, the fast pace of NYC, hire and fires, and far too many late nights —this part of me had slowly crept away. And so here I was, overweight, tired and lost. So step one was acknowledging I needed a dramatic change in my life and step two, was deciding if it was NYC that had inflicted this neglect of self, or if it had been my own self abuse? Yup. self. Step three was finding where in this endless wellness space I may fit in? Fast forward to 4 years later. I came to my next big catalyst for change. Stepping down as second in command for LuliTonix — a company that was every bit a part of my life, as sleep and eating. It was a massive decision and not one I had taken lightly. However, I’m a big believer in the universe trying to gently give you signs, and in 2016 the universe (self in-flicted of course) gave me another wake up call to slow the F down (not so gently however!). It was during this time I had also fallen in love with a pretty darn good human, you know the kind you try keep? And within 6 months of said eye trauma, serious self-care and pause, I realized it was time to change my life for REAL— and move in a direction towards fulfilling a dream of mine, my own little start-up. Inspired through the Goddess Brunch community, a movement dreamt up from my good friend and mentor Sasha Nelson, bringing women in the wellness industry together for a pot-luck style meal to nourish and spark joy — and eat so darn well  It was here I found that side of myself that had started to slip, my deep passion for cooking! Getting lost in ingredients, both figuratively and literally, I found that creative fire, I hadn’t experienced since my art and drama days of high school. And so here we are, finally, with the seedling of what I hope to grow into a fully fledged lifestyle platform, Days of Citrine, — my vision of mindfulness and joy through food, it’s small daily steps in living a life of abundance. The citrine crystal is supposed to represent personal power, success, healing and abundance —so basically it’s my holy grail. 

Cheers to abundant days and wild nights! 

Paige xo